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We are a unique agency helping you walk the road of Manuscript Editing and Bioinformatics

Why EonBio?

  • Solid track record
    EonBio staff has three decades of experience in biological research, over 100 papers, track record of extramural funding (NIH, AHA, ACS etc), and training in bioinformatics
  • Comprehensive editing
    We cover all aspects of the manuscript. Where appropriate, we also provide friendly scientific advice to further improve your work at no extra charge
  • Full confidentiality
    No one outside of EonBio will see your manuscript
  • Fast turnaround
    Generally 4-7 days.

Manuscript Editing

Are you familiar with comments like these from Reviewers or Editors?

  • English needs significant improvement
  • English needs to be thoroughly edited before the paper can be accepted
  • Unfortunately the paper is full of English errors that need to be corrected
  • The Figs are not properly drawn and hard to understand; the bar graphs need error bars, and changes need p-values
  • Please reformat the References according to our Journal guidelines
  • Several references appear incomplete

Now you no longer walk the publication road alone. EonBio will

  • We can work on both American and British styles, and convert one to other if needed
  • Correct all English errors in your manuscript
  • Improve the English to a professional level
  • Reformat all parts as needed, including margins, headings, spaces and word counts
  • Correct, complete and reformat references and citations
  • Redraw and improve the Figures as needed; we meet the required resolution and image quality, mandated by most journals


Analysis of sequence and structures can be daunting, but is increasingly required in high quality journals. Now you no longer walk the bioinformatic road alone. EonBio will provide the following services:

Protein structure analysis:
  • Hydrophobicity plots
  • Predict secondary structure in terms of areas of α-helix, β-strand, and loops
  • Homology-based structure modeling in 3D Rasmol format, using multiple structural templates and mainly the TASSER software suite
  • Multiple alignments of primary structure with phylogeny tree plot
  • Identification of specific motifs and domains as requested
RNA structure prediction:
  • Predict RNA secondary structures using either MFE (Minimum Free Energy) or MEA (Maximum Expected Accuracy) algorithms and Turner99 parameters
  • Provide a secondary structure ensemble of co-transcriptional RNA folding
  • Output files provided in several common and easy picture formats, such as PDF, JPG or PPT

How much does it cost?

Manuscript editing
  • including formatting
  • Flat fee (regardless of number of pages)
  • 7 days turnaround
Manuscript editing Premium
  • including formatting
  • Flat fee (regardless of number of pages)
  • 4 days turnaround
Figure formatting
  • including redrawing
  • Flat fee
* Manuscripts to be edited must be provided in English as MS-Word
* Figures are preferred in PowerPoint; also provide raw data numbers if statistical calculations such as error bars and standard deviations are to be done
* Please submit your files as E-mail attachments to:
Disclaimer: If additional rounds of language corrections are needed, EonBio will do them for free. However, since science is a major reason for the acceptance or rejection of a paper, Eonbio offers no guarantee that your manuscript will be accepted by improving the language alone.

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